Calendar of Events

Unless stated otherwise, all events are open to the public and held at our temple space at 991 Forest Avenue in Portland, Maine. Children and families are always welcome. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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January 18
6:30-8 PM

Tarot Open House

Looking to practice your tarot skills? Drop by our Tarot Open House to learn, share, and try new ideas in a warm, open, and friendly environment. All styles, decks, and skill levels are welcome, from complete novice to accomplished reader!

January 21
11:00 AM

Gnostic Mass

Join us for a celebration of the Gnostic Mass, the central public and private ritual of the OTO.
Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before the start time.
Baptisms and Confirmations are available with prior request.

January 21
12:00 PM

Ritual Construction Workshop (1 of 2)

In this workshop, attendees will research and write their own ceremonial working using the Table of Correspondences in Liber 777 as a guide. Come prepared with a goal for your working and take advantage of our extensive library for source material. Guidance will be offered for those who are writing their first ritual. Each ritual created during this workshop will be scheduled for performance for the local body throughout the year. If you are unable to make this workshop, or if you'd like additional time in our library, another is scheduled later in the month.

January 25
7:00 PM

Ritual Construction Workshop (2 of 2)

This second workshop is for those who are unable to attend the Sunday afternoon workshop or who wish to spend more time working on their rituals in the library.

January 31
8:00 PM

Online Members Meeting

Quarterly online members meeting. Open to active, dues-current members of Abrahadabra Oasis only. Details will be sent to members by email.

Note: When and where Abrahadabra may hold events outside of its dedicated space, no affliation between Abrahadabra Oasis and the event location or business is implied. While the membership may choose to gather at a public place, it does not infer affiliation of any sort, either between Abrahadabra Oasis and that place of business, or conversely.