Calendar of Events

Unless stated otherwise, all events are open to the public and held at our temple space at 991 Forest Avenue in Portland, Maine. Children and families are always welcome. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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November 8
6:30-8 PM

Tarot Night

Looking to practice your tarot skills? Are you new to tarot and want to see what a reading is like? Drop by our Tarot Night to learn, share, and try new ideas in a warm, open, and friendly environment. All styles, decks, and skill levels are welcome, from complete novice to accomplished reader!

November 18
1 PM

Gnostic Mass

Join us for a celebration of the Gnostic Mass, the central public and private ritual of the OTO.
Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before the start time.
Baptisms and Confirmations are available with prior request.

November 18
2 PM

Pathworking the Tarot: XXI the Universe

If you have been attending our monthly tarot night and are eager to dig deeper, this series of classes is for you. More than a divination tool, the tarot is often used used as a catalyst for astrally experiencing the paths of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Learn about this powerful method and join us in a pathworking exercise. This month's trump: XXII the Universe.

November 23
6:30-8 PM

Meditation Night: Metta (Lovingkindness)

Metta (or lovingkindness) meditation is a form of mindfulness practice that strengthens our experience of connection to other living beings. By filling the awareness with good thoughts about oneself, and then others, in gradually widening circles, we are filled with warmth and good feelings that, with practice, can improve our overall happiness and well-being. We will spend some time reviewing the basic concepts behind metta meditation, and then do a metta meditation as a group in our sacred temple space.

November 30
6:30-8 PM

Open House

Curious about Thelema or OTO? Heard about Abrahadabra Oasis and want to learn more? Stop by our space at 991 Forest Ave, Suite 203, in Portland, and meet us in person! We'll start with a quick overview of OTO in New England, followed by a brief tour of our temple space. There will be plenty of time for both Q&A and casual conversation! Light refreshments will be served. Doors open at 6:30. Presentation and tour begins at 6:45. RSVP to not necessary but welcomed!

Note: When and where Abrahadabra may hold events outside of its dedicated space, no affliation between Abrahadabra Oasis and the event location or business is implied. While the membership may choose to gather at a public place, it does not infer affiliation of any sort, either between Abrahadabra Oasis and that place of business, or conversely.